Important Upcoming Dates for Tar Sands Campaign

350Madison Events:

Dec. 9: The Zoning and Land Regulation Committee will again take up the conditional use permit at their Dec. 9 meeting.  Public testimony will not be allowed at this meeting but we encourage people to again attend.  If you have not already done so, we encourage everyone to submit comments to the Zoning and Land Regulation committee.  Be sure to state that you are writing to oppose CUP 02291 for Enbridge Energy Company, which was before the Committee on October 28 and Nov. 11.

Another HUGE thanks to those who emailed comments and attended the Nov. 11 Zoning and Land Regulation working committee meeting.  The committee bravely postponed a decision on the Enbridge Line 61 pumping station permit in Dane County as they explore conditions that the county could put on the permit.

THANK YOU to all those who testified, registered in opposition and emailed comments to the Dane County Supervisors for the Oct. 28 hearing.  We had a great turn out!  

WI State Journal article on conditional use permit can be found here.

Ally Events:


November 6:Many thanks to Prof. Eric Compass and the students of UW-Whitewater for organizing a great public forum on Enbridge Pipeline 61 and related corridor, potential spills and the relation to global climate change. Representatives from 350Madison, Sierra Club, Enbridge and WI DNR all presented.

The Daily Union’s coverage of the Line 61 forum can be found here.

WKOW, Channel 27′s coverage of the Line 61 forum can be found here.


November 14-15: POSTPONED-Midwest Tar Sands Day of Action, planning will continue for rescheduled date.


Action taken in Wisconsin on Enbridge Line 61

November 2014: City of Janesville considering a resolution on Line 61.

November 2014: City of Fort Atkinson passes a resolution for full environmental impact statement on Line 61.

October 2014: City of Whitewater passes a resolution for full environmental impact statement on Line 61.

October 2014: Walworth County Board passes a resolution for full environmental impact statement on Line 61.

July 2014: Wood County Board passes resolution for full environmental impact statement on Line 61.

June 2014: Dane County Board passes resolution for full environmental impact statement on Line 61.

May 2014: Jefferson County Board passes resolution for full environmental assessment on Line 61.

350Madison is working with the WISE (Wisconsin for Safer Energy) Alliance to oppose the Enbridge pipeline expansion efforts described above.


Stop Tar Sands Expansion in Wisconsin

Enbridge Energy Company, a large Canadian pipeline owner, has announced plans to expand their pipeline network throughout the Midwest in order to transport toxic tar sands from the boreal forests in Canada to the Gulf Coasts, likely for export.   Aggressive campaigns on the East Coast and West Coast have stopped plans to export this oil.  In turn, Enbridge is seeking to make the Midwest a tar sands freeway to get the oil south.  You can learn more about tar sands oil here.

The continued expansion of tar sands extraction and infrastructure would mean “game over for the climate” according to top climate scientist James Hansen. We must stand up and say NO to tar sands!

Information on Enbridge’s tar sands network of pipelines from Canada into Minnesota and Wisconsin can be found here.  More information on the specific proposals in WI can be found here.

While the overseas oil markets see the benefits, Wisconsinites are expected to take all the risks.

The Enbridge pipeline system enters WI in Superior.  One of the Enbridge pipelines, Line 61, part of the Enbridge Lakehead Pipeline System, travels from Superior to Delavan (click here for map).  The pipeline then crosses over the Illinois state line and continues south where the tar sands are distributed to refineries.   Enbridge has proposed to triple the capacity of Line 61.

In addition, the newest pipeline proposals from Enbridge are for an expansion of Line 3, which runs from Canada to Superior, WI and to build a new pipeline, the Sandpiper, from North Dakota, across MN, then to Superior.  The Sandpiper would carry fracked oil.

(Image: attempted cleanup of 19,500 barrels of oil that leaked into Kalamazoo River)

News related to Enbridge’s pipeline system:

St. Croix 360 report on pipeline Line 61 being located under St. Croix River headwaters

Enbridge announces Sandpiper pipeline delayed.

National Wildlife Federation blog post on recent State Department approval for Alberta Clipper

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