~ Please join us for a panel discussion on Fossil Fuel Divestment & Faith Communities ~
“Divestment:  A Moral Response to a Disrupted Climate”
September 9th, 7-8:30pm
Madison Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Ct.)
More and more our planet groans with the disruptions and disasters of extreme weather events, heat waves, droughts, floods, forest fires and the like. These are increasingly traceable to humanity’s continued fossil fuel use. In response, faith communities can take steps to bring life and hope.Come hear Rev. Nick Utphall, pastor of St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Monona, describe ways our faiths call us to take responsibility for how human activity disrupts creation and disrespects God’s gift of life. Hear Terry Wiggins, member of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, tell how she persuaded her congregation to withdraw their investments in the coal, oil, and natural gas industries. Share your thoughts on how to increase faith-based support for divestment and take practical steps forward.
Sponsored by 350 Madison, Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light, and Islamic Environmental Group of Wisconsin
For more information, contact 350.madison.wi@gmail.com

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