Imagining a Way Forward: Politics as if the Future Mattered

Monday, March 3rd


Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Ct.) stands for the proposition that we withdraw our consent from business as usual.  We do not choose an overheated, polluted and degraded world.  If we withdraw our consent and say “no”, we have an opportunity to also say “yes”.  What do we say “yes” to?
Join us as Carolyn Raffensperger presents emerging legal ideas about community rights such as free, prior and informed consent and new institutions such as a legal guardian of future generations.
Are you tired of hearing people argue about how big or small government is without describing the role of government?  Are you tired of the same old jobs vs the environment debate? Are you tired of being told to do small things about big crises?  This is the talk for you.

Join us for dinner before the meeting, at 6pm at Pizza Brutta (1805 Monroe St.), for some socializing!

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