Rally to Stop Tar Sands Expansion

Where: Bus from Madison to St. Paul, MN

When: Thursday, April 3rd, leaving at 6am, returning around 11pm

Cost: $25/person, payable at the bus

RSVP: http://vols.pt/ZzvfVB

April 3rd is your opportunity to take really meaningful action on climate change! Enbridge Corporation, who brought us the major Kalamazoo River tar sands pipeline spill in 2010 in Michigan, wants to increase the flow in their Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline that travels from Canada, through Minnesota, to Superior, WI. This pipeline feeds into another pipeline, named Line 61, which cuts from Superior through the center of Wisconsin to Illinois. If the Alberta Clipper pipeline expansion occurs, it could carry as much tar sands as the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

But there’s hope: The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is holding a hearing to determine if this expansion is in the Great Lakes Region’s public interest, which we all know it is not! Minnesota 350, Sierra Club, and many other allies are planning a rally at 1pm at the Minnesota State Capitol. From there we will march to the Public Utilities Commission hearing where many will have an opportunity to testify against the proposed expansion. This is our best chance of stopping the increased flow of tar sands through our region, and it’s our responsibility to stand up and say no to Enbridge expansion!


  • The bus pick-up/drop-off location is the Madison South Towne Mall parking lot in front of Shopko near the McDonalds (Shopko’s address is 2101 W Broadway in Monona)
  • Please bring drinks, snacks, and lunch – we will all pay for dinner in St. Paul (we’ll likely grab some pizza or subs to eat on the ride home)
  • Thanks to Four Lakes Group Sierra Club sponsorship for making the bus cost so affordable! For the $25 bus payment, cash is preferred, or a check made out to Don Ferber. If you need financial assistance, please contact us. We are accepting donations to help others attend.
  • Signs for the rally are welcome!
  • Not able to attend the rally? Get involved in 350 Madison’s resistance plans — we have several working groups doing research, public outreach/education, and media around this issue. Email 350.madison.wi@gmail.com for more details.

We hope you can join us for this unique opportunity to stop tar sands expansion in our region, as we keep pressing forward for a livable climate.

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