Tar sands crude comes to Wisconsin

Monday, June 2nd


Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Ct.)

Wisconsin is a major hub in the transport network for crude oil from Alberta and N. Dakota.  By way of pipelines and tanker car trains, oil is moving through our state posing environmental threats to our communities. The Canadian pipeline company Enbridge has plans to triple the amount of oil flowing through the state, far surpassing the proposed flow through the controversial Keystone XL.  Learn about the industry’s plans for expansion and what we can do as citizens to protect our climate and the land and waters of Wisconsin.

We are honored and excited to welcome Margaret Swedish to our June meeting.  Join us as Swedish presents on her travels in the Alberta tar sands industrial region and shares with us the impact of the industry on the boreal forest and the river’s watershed. The purpose of Swedish’s journey to the tar sands region was to come back to tell the story of Wisconsin’s connections to the oil sands and the vast network of pipelines and railroads that crisscross the Upper Midwest Great Lakes region.  Her most recent book is titled: “Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope,” (Orbis Books 2008) which looks at the various political, cultural, and economic trends leading us into ecological crisis.

Join us for dinner before the meeting, at 6pm at Pizza Brutta (1805 Monroe St.), for some socializing!

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