December 1, 2014 General Monthly Meeting

Active Hope & Activist Self-Care

Monday, December 1st from 7 – 8:30p.m.

Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Court)


What the heck is Active Hope as promoted by Joanna Macy?  It’s about taking care of your activist self so that you can get unblocked and move forward to save the world.  Come to our December meeting to experience some of the lessons inspired by Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects (aka Active Hope).  For us to continue to be effective in our work, we MUST take care of ourselves.  This is NOT selfish.  It’s how we keep on keeping on.

We will also hear important updates from our tar sands work.

We hope that you can join us!

November 3, 2014 General Meeting

‘Wisconsin Takes Center Stage in Tar Sands Resistance’

Monday, November 3rd from 7 – 8:30p.m.

Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Court)

350Madison logo

We invite you to join us as we discuss how Wisconsin is quickly becoming a focal point in the movement to resist tar sands transport in the United States.  We will hear about 350Madison’s recent leadership retreat and our decision to focus on tar sands resistance.  We’ll also hear a preview of Carl Whiting’s upcoming UW-Whitewater Enbridge tar sands presentation.  Finally we will have time to debrief from our participation in the October 28 Dane County hearing regarding the conditional use permit for Enbridge’s pumping station in Dane County.

We also want to hear from YOU, the loyal and dedicated activists of 350Madison.  Please plan to share your thoughts on what work you think is important for 350Madison to be involved in.

Join us for dinner before the meeting at 6pm at Pizza Brutta (1805 Monroe St.) for some socializing!

October 6, 2014 General Meeting

People’s Climate March Celebration

Monday, October 6th from 7 – 8:30p.m.

Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Court)

monika 12

                                   photo courtesy Monika Blazs

On September 21, 350 Madison was part of history in the making as 150 of us traveled to New York City via 3 charter buses to participate in a 400,000-voices-strong People’s Climate March.  Many of us marched under a giant black octopus representing the attack of Enbridge Energy’s tar sands pipelines entangling our state.  We joined 2,808 solidarity events in 166 countries to demand that global leaders convening at the NYC UN climate summit take meaningful action now.  Commentators have said the People’s Climate March heralds the coming of age of our movement for climate justice.  We also think it represents a milestone for 350 Madison.

We invite you to join our People’s Climate March Celebration on October 6 where we’ll share stories & photos from the march and talk about where to take our momentum from here.

September 8th General Meeting

RePower Madison with Don Ferber


People’s Climate March with Mary Beth Elliot

Monday, September 8th from 7 to 8:30 pm

Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Court)

Due to Labor Day, we’ve moved our regular meeting to September 8th.  We will return to meeting on the first Monday of the month on October 6th.

RePower Madison is a group of citizens who are working to persuade Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E) to drop their proposed billing scheme and support customer options for rapid expansion of renewable energy and energy savings.  350 Madison member Don Ferber will share an update on the RePower campaign and invite you to get involved.

After Don’s presentation, People’s Climate March Coordinator Mary Beth Elliott will lead a discussion on final plans for our participation in the largest climate justice mobilization in history.  On September 21st, 350 Madison will gather in New York City with thousands of people around the country to urge world leaders to take meaningful action on climate change.  Click here for details on traveling to New York with 350 Madison.


August 4th General Meeting

Exploring Solar Power Purchase Agreements for

Wisconsin with Rep. Chris Taylor

Monday, August 4th from 7 to 8:30 pm

Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Court)

6pm dinner at Pizza Brutta

After Rep. Taylor’s presentation, 350 Madison volunteer leader Mary Beth Elliot will share a brief update on the September 21st People’s Climate March in NYC and our plans for organizing around the largest climate justice mobilization in history!

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) is a financial arrangement in which a third-party developer owns, operates, and maintains the photovoltaic (PV) system, and a host customer agrees to site the system on its roof or elsewhere on its property and purchases the system’s electric output from the solar services provider for a predetermined period. This financial arrangement allows the host customer to receive stable, and sometimes lower cost electricity, while the solar services provider or another party acquires valuable financial benefits such as tax credits and income generated from the sale of electricity to the host customer. (US EPA Definition)


Chris Taylor is a lawyer and a Democratic member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from the 76th District (Madison). Prior to the end of the last legislative session, she drafted a bill to pave the way for SPPAs in Wisconsin. In addition to solar, Rep. Taylor’s bill would also allow PPA’s for other types of renewable energy sources, such as wind and manure digesters.Rep. Taylor will continue to work on PPA legislation during the next legislative session. Join us as she helps us understand the intricacies of SSPAs and discusses both the benefits to Wisconsin in terms of helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the challenges. 

Join us for dinner before the meeting at 6pm at Pizza Brutta (1805 Monroe St.) for some socializing!

Summer Potluck

350Madison logo

350 Madison Annual Summer Potluck

Monday, July 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Court)

Everyone is welcome.  Please bring a dish to share!

As Emma Goldman famously put it, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”  Our summer potluck has become somewhat of a tradition at 350 Madison, where we believe that fun & friendship are central to all people-powered movements.

So join your fellow climate change changers on Monday, July 7th at 6:30pm for an evening of swapping stories, recognizing our incredible volunteers, and celebrating our successes!  Please bring a dish (main, salad, dessert, etc.) to share.


Dancing for climate justice at the Global Climate Convergence, April 22, 2014.

Dancing for climate justice at the Global Climate Convergence, April 22, 2014.

Tar sands crude comes to Wisconsin

Tar sands crude comes to Wisconsin

Monday, June 2nd


Friends Meetinghouse (1704 Roberts Ct.)

Wisconsin is a major hub in the transport network for crude oil from Alberta and N. Dakota.  By way of pipelines and tanker car trains, oil is moving through our state posing environmental threats to our communities. The Canadian pipeline company Enbridge has plans to triple the amount of oil flowing through the state, far surpassing the proposed flow through the controversial Keystone XL.  Learn about the industry’s plans for expansion and what we can do as citizens to protect our climate and the land and waters of Wisconsin.

We are honored and excited to welcome Margaret Swedish to our June meeting.  Join us as Swedish presents on her travels in the Alberta tar sands industrial region and shares with us the impact of the industry on the boreal forest and the river’s watershed. The purpose of Swedish’s journey to the tar sands region was to come back to tell the story of Wisconsin’s connections to the oil sands and the vast network of pipelines and railroads that crisscross the Upper Midwest Great Lakes region.  Her most recent book is titled: “Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope,” (Orbis Books 2008) which looks at the various political, cultural, and economic trends leading us into ecological crisis.

Join us for dinner before the meeting, at 6pm at Pizza Brutta (1805 Monroe St.), for some socializing!

350Madison logo

May 17 Day of Action

Fossil Free

May 17  Sierra Club National Day of Action

~No to dirty fossil fuels-Yes to clean energy~

On May 17 , 350 Madison will join the Sierra Club in a National Day of Action to say no to dirty fossil fuels and yes to clean energy.  Locally we will be celebrating with the theme One World, One Family as we unite with other organizations working on injustice in our community.  350 Madison will be highlighting our opposition to the Enbridge Line 61 pipeline expansion in WI.  

Join us for a peaceful march around the outside of the Capitol Square from 10:30 – 11 am. We’ll meet at Wisconsin Ave and Mifflin St.  Please bring signs with One World, One Family and Stop Enbridge Pipeline Expansion in WI and No Tar Sands in WI

Following the rally, we will gather at the Brittingham Park shelter at 11:30 am and take time to celebrate our past accomplishments and talk about how each organization’s efforts contribute to One World, One Family.  That will be followed by a picnic potluck and a Solidarity Sing Along as we join our voices together in hope for the future. People are also welcome to bring their own instruments.


Date: Saturday, May 17

Time: March-10:30 a.m; Picnic-11:30 a.m.

Location: March-meet at Wisconsin Ave & Mifflin St

                     Picnic-Brittingham Park Shelter

RSVP here


Join 350 Madison in this National Day of Action

as we work to stop the Enbridge Expansion in WI!


Reject & Protect Bus Trip

Reject-and-Protect-Image-2-copy-logod-01Reject and Protect

Bus Trip to Washington, DC

Where: Bus from Madison, WI to Washington, DC

When: Departs Friday, April 25 and Returns Sunday, April 27

Cost: $200/person (discounted pricing available if needed)


On April 26th the Cowboy Indian Alliance of farmers, ranchers and tribal leaders have invited our movement to join them at their tipi encampment on the National Mall for their closing argument against Keystone XL.  Our friends in Minnesota, 350MN, have organized a bus to travel out to Washington DC and they’ve invited us to join them!

 The goal of this action is to show President Obama that we still expect him to reject the pipeline — but that we’re also ready and willing to stand with farmers, ranchers and tribal communities to protect our land water and climate if he approves it.

Can you get on the bus to join the Alliance in DC? Click here to get your ticket:

Here are the details for the bus:

  • The bus will pick up in Madison, WI at 2:30pm.

  • It will then make a stop in Chicago and continue through the night to DC.

  • The bus will arrive in DC at 8am Saturday morning, and will depart from the National Mall at 9pm on Saturday night.

  • The cost of the bus is $200

On the 26th, the Alliance will be giving President Obama a hand-painted tipi — a symbol of the hope that he will live up to his words and reject the pipeline, and a clear statement that he can expect resistance should he approve it.

This is going to be powerful — so we hope you can make it on the bus to be a part of it.

Global Climate Convergence


The Global Climate Convergence is bringing people together from Earth Day to May Day for 10 days of action, education, and community-building.  350 Madison is excited to join with NoKXL Pledge of Resistance and MAMA (Madison Action for Mining Alternatives) to coordinate the details for the 4/22 Earth Day rally (see below).

We call on people of goodwill across Wisconsin to come together for the Earth Day to May Day wave of action, so that together we can amplify all our voices for People, Planet and Peace over Profit.  Join us!

350 Madison highlighted events:

• TUE 4/22: Earth Day March: “Protect our Water – Reject the Mines and Pipelines!” March starts 5:30pm @ Monona Terrace; 6:15PM rally @ Library Mall

• SAT 4/26: March and Rally for People, Planet and Peace Over Profit! in downtown Madison. Noon, Library Mall

• THU 5/1: May Day International Workers Day March and Rally for immigration justice, workers’ rights and a living wage. 3:30PM at Brittingham Park, 5pm rally at the Capitol.

A full listing of events can be found here.